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Camilla Hipp 

Staff Writer

Doing something new this week, and going to quickly look into the recent movement of Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto moved out of the tough, hardy sign of Capricorn, and into the airy, socially-minded sign of Aqaurius in late March. Pluto is such an incredibly slow-moving planet that it moves signs every 20 years, and makes one revolution around the celestial equator every 250 years. 

This transit is especially interesting for the United States becausethe last time Pluto was here was in the 1700s and during the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Aquarius is the sign that looks out for others, for friends, and humanitarian endeavors; and Pluto is the planet of total and complete transformation. Put those two together and we get a huge upheaval of social and political systems. Keep an eye out for subtle transformations in our systems for the next few months, until Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn again in January, but only for a couple of months. Then, Pluto is back in business by September. 

Anyways, last week we had a full moon in Libra, and Mercury has slowed down into the rhythmic sign of Taurus… Here is your horoscope. Read for sun and rising! 


There is fire in your being, Aries. Still in your season, but opposite energy with the moon in Libra. Close relationships will come to the surface, and how you commit yourself to them also. As Mercury moves into Taurus, you may be thinking about your income and how you plan to make money this summer. 


You may have a lot of little things piling up, Taurus. The moon in Libra is highlighting your daily processes, your health, and how you go about checking things off your to-do list. With Mercury moving into your sign, you may feel more confidence in sharing your thoughts and dreams. 


Put on your best outfit, Gemini. You may be feeling fun and popular with the moon in Libra. Friends are noticing your flirty energy. With Mercury in Taurus, you may be getting interested in more taboo topics, like spirituality and even astrology. Much encouraged to take a deep dive. 


Home is where the heart is, Cancer. The moon in Libra may have you sticking by family, and beautifying your space. Friends are a hearty resource with Mercury in Taurus. Find balance between friends and family. 


You may be researching your next life goal, Leo. With the moon in Libra, curiosity and writing are priorities. As Mercury moves into Taurus, your public persona is highlighted, and people are looking to you for advice, and simply to hear you talk. Think long-term and big projects.


Money on your mind, Virgo. You may be feeling insecure around how you plan to make money, or your bank account. Mercury in Taurus will have you looking in new directions for ways to make money, possibly in a foreign area. On the opposite end, you may want to splurge on yourself and get yourself something nice. 


With the full moon in your sign, Libra, you may be looking into yourself and feeling introspective. You may even want to change something about yourself, or your appearance. With Mercury in Taurus, these urges are coming from deep in your subconscious, and are asking to be addressed. No topic is off limits, talk about sexuality, spirituality, and heavy emotions. 


Take some alone time, Scorpio, with this moon in Libra. There are things you have been holding onto tightly that are asking to be let go. With Mercury in Taurus, your commitments, business or relationships, are coming to the forefront, and asking for a bit of attention. Commit to yourself, so you can give to others. 


Little miss social butterfly, Sagittarius. The moon in Libra is making you popular, and everyone wants a piece of you. Mercury in Taurus will have you concerned with making enough time for everyone and everything! You may also be wanting to try a new workout routine, or a new vitamin. 


Career opportunities may become available, and serious, Scorpio. With the moon in Libra, you may be graceful with your opportunities, and refreshed in your goals that you want to pursue. Mercury in Taurus will have you creative and rambunctious, though. Outside your comfort zone, tap into this airy energy and lighten up. 


You may be feeling nostalgic, Aquarius, and connected to your beliefs. The moon in Libra is asking you to reflect on your beliefs and spirituality. Mercury in Taurus may have you reflective and pensive, and wanting to reconnect with family.


Hello again, Pisces. You may be paying off debts, literally and spiritually, with this full moon in Libra. Improvement for yourself and others could be a concern. Putting your mental energy into writing and creating will be a useful way to portray these heavier things happening in your psyche.