Arts in Sewanee: Dynamics Showcase

Peyton Hassinger

Staff Writer

On Thursday, April 13, various talents of the University of the South performed a series of short theatrical numbers in Guerry Auditorium. These performances consisted of multiple small to large group dance numbers, solo and acapella vocal performances, monologues, piano compositions, and renditions of musical numbers. Directed by Sarah Hall (C’23) and Olivia Millwood (C’24), this theatrical showcase graced an hour of the Sewanee community’s time by showing off all the hidden talent on the mountain. 

The showcase started with Felix Wilson (C’23) presenting a moving solo performance of Frank Sinatra’s “Nice and Easy” and “Mother Love.” Following Felix, Victoria Ryan (C’26) sang “Flowers” from Hades Town: The Musical

Scattered throughout the show were multiple impressive dance numbers. These numbers, collectively, featured Clara Allen (C’25), Meg Butler (C’24), Elora Ephrem (C’26), Izzy Grass (C’26), Noelle Klitzke (C’26), Caroline Purselle (C’25), Sofia Tripoli (C’26), Kate White (C’25), Amelia Gauthreaux (C’24), Katie Sweeton (C’24), Olivia Millwood (C’24), Talia de la Cruz (C’26), Sarah Jane Kemmer (C’23), Suzanne Cole (C’26), Molly Windham (C’25), and Yana Van Den Abbeele (C’23). Accompanying the dancers was music ranging from the modern pop of Taylor Swift to R&B and Childish Gambino to Fleetwood Mac’s classic rock. These talented dancers showcased a wide range of dancing styles, impressing the audience with exceptional skill. 

Talia de la Cruz, Izzy Grass, Noelle Klitzke, Sarah Jane, Amelia Gauthreaux, Suzanne Cole, and Molly Windham performing to “Me and Your Mama” by Childish Gambino. Photo courtesy of Peyton Hassinger

Meg Butler, Amelia Gauthreaux, Caroline Purselle, and Katie Sweeton performing to “Who Is She” by I Monster. Photo courtesy of Peyton Hassinger

The showcase also featured Sewanee’s very own A Capella group: Cambiata. The group is made up of seven singers, including Katy Mae Elder (C’24), Victor Esparza (C’24), Arden Gipson (C’26), Kourtni Hamilton (C’26), Natalie Huckabay (C’25), Grace Parkhill (C’24), and Felix Wilson. This talented group of singers performed a rendition of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” and Pentatonix’s “Light in the Hallway.” Both of these acts were performed with no instruments, and at no expense. It was amazing to witness just what these performers’ voices are capable of. 

My personal favorite performance was the rendition of “Ex-Wives” from SIX: the Musical performed by Annalise Doyle (C’26), Eleora Ephrem (C’26), Katharine McLellan (C’26), Victoria Ryan (C’26), Jillian Thurston (C’26), and Sophia Tripoli (C’26). These six women blew me away with their vocal ability and range. They wore striking costumes, all centered around their characters in the musical, and each played an equally dazzling role. 

Annalise Doyle, Eleora Ephrem, Katharine McLellan, Victoria Ryan, Jillian Thurston, and Sofia Tripoli performing “Ex-Wives” from SIX: The Musical. Photo courtesy of Peyton Hassinger

After the performance, in the lobby of Guerry Auditorium, the performers and the audience came together to enjoy catered pizza from Mountain Goat Market.