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Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes

Camilla Hipp

Staff Writer 

Hello, my friends! This past week, Mercury has gone into its infamous retrograde, but have no fear, astrology is here to give you a survival guide. Mercury retrograde occurs around three times a year, imposing significant effects on the flow of communication and the unfolding of ideas. Often unfinished business is expressed, and comes back to ask to be reworked. Here is your horoscope… Read for sun and rising! 


Let’s talk business, Aries. You may be feeling nervous about where your finances lie. Avoid investing in anything serious right now, and be sure to pay back the people you owe. Don’t let this shy you away from continuing to research and plan ways to make money for your future… just wait a bit to commit to anything for real. 


Your literal being is being reevaluated, Taurus. Not by others, but by yourself. Look into the mirror softly, and take a step back to recognize how far you have come in establishing your personality. You are stubborn and sweet; love that about yourself even when it feels hard. 


You may be feeling sensitive to all things bright and beautiful, Gemini. There is no more hiding behind superficiality during this Mercury retrograde. Your compassion and deeply felt emotions are being shown many different directions… use discernment on the road you choose. They will either lead to where you’ve been before, or out of the woods. 


Who are your friends, Cancer? You are inherently never one to disregard someone, or put your feelings first. Now may be the time to do that, though. You don’t have a mean bone in your body, so don’t be afraid to say no, and stay in. 


Who are you when you aren’t performing, Leo? Sometimes you may even perform for yourself. Your public image is important to you, and right now there may be something stalling your forward momentum in this realm. We all need time to take a step back, and define where we start, and where other people end. 


You may be itching to make your thoughts a reality, Virgo. You’ve been reading, writing, and mostly dreaming about your interests. There may be an impulse to travel or discover something new, as this is right around the corner. Be sure to plan your itinerary tediously. 


Once again, look within, Libra. You are acutely observant of your surroundings during this time. You may be reworking how you spend your money, or setting up a savings account. Be willing to express your opinion … after you’ve sat on it long enough to form a valid argument, that is.


Partnerships are a big deal, Scorpio, as you already know. You may be digging up some stuff in your relationships that is worth taking another look at. Take time to reform your alliances, but avoid acting too harshly too soon. This too shall pass. 


Take time to be nice to yourself everyday, Sagittarius. Feelings surrounding your health and wellness may arise. You may be feeling like you have a lot on your plate, and dealing with nitpicky tasks. Be sure to take care of yourself, and drink a kombucha. 


The classic Mercury retrograde trope, Capricorn. Something, or someone, from your past may be recurring in your life. Your craving to get out and have fun should hopefully override this. Find a creative outlet to let that stuff go. 


Go home, Aquarius. You may be feeling homesick, or wanting to stick close to family. Your emotional needs are equally as valid, and more deeply felt right now. Clean your room, and look through old photos. 


You are getting in touch with all sorts of people, Pisces. You may find yourself more talkative than normal, or perhaps just the opposite. Sitting with your thoughts is intense right now, but will heal some more deeply felt discourse. Explore something new by uncovering something old.