The Artist of the Week: Calley Doyle

Mary Pomeroy

Contributing Writer

Calley Doyle (C ’24) is a senior double majoring in art and history from Knoxville, Tennessee. Art has played a significant role in her life since childhood. With her mom a graphic designer and her older sister a tattoo artist, she grew up in a home that cultivated a love for art. That love for art continued to be fostered at art camps and art classes in elementary school, and she has pursued her passion for art ever since. 

Doyle first heard about Sewanee through her friend Emma. Doyle noticed Emma wearing a Sewanee hoodie and asked her about it. She decided to take a tour and “really fell in love with the campus.” She wasn’t always set on being an art major, however. She intended to solely major in history until last year when she decided to double major. 

Her work mainly consists of self-portraits. She “loves painting and drawing” and especially enjoys working with “acrylic paint, pencil, and charcoal.” Her art is primarily a form of expressing herself and her emotions. “So whether that’s like painting myself with different expressions or coming at it with more relaxed or energetic brushstrokes,” she says. She believes honesty is integral to self-expression in art, saying, “I always want to be honest about what I’m feeling and not try to make it look perfect if that makes sense.” She is combining her love of art and history this semester by “experimenting with archiving in art,” she says, “so portraying history in art and experimenting with painting different time periods and fashion trends.” 

Doyle’s biggest inspiration is her older sister, Megen. Ever since she was little, she has loved to watch her make art and inspired her to make her own art. She says, “Her work ethic and designing has always really inspired me to make art from watching her.” As far as famous artists go, she has always been a big fan of Monet. “I love Monet’s painting style and how you can really see his brushstrokes,” she says, “I try to follow that in my art.”

Doyle has been an accomplished artist since her high school years. In 2019, she won the Second Place Student Art Exhibit Award at the Knoxville Museum of Art, where her painting was also displayed. She then designed her high school’s prom poster in 2020. Also, in 2020, she was awarded the Fellow of the Arts scholarship here at Sewanee. 

Doyle plans to go to graduate school for history, specifically for archiving. However, she plans to keep art a part of her life.

Photo courtesy of Calley Doyle (C ’24)

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