The Stinky Grape: A Review

Alec Massey

Staff Writer

The Stinky Grape is Sewanee’s newest outlet for the young creatives of the University. Containing illustrations and writing pieces, the creative writing magazine, edited by Elijah Andrews (C ’24) and Gabriel Williams (C ’25), provides a welcome shift from the monotony of daily schoolwork.

The eye-catching cover promises an artsy and modern collection of works, and the letter to the reader establishes a quick connection between those reading and those who published the issue. The passion and enthusiasm of the editors are palpable and excite the reader to continue. The first piece by David Mohrmann grabs the reader’s attention with a slightly bizarre illustration and intriguing first couple of lines.

Leaving no room to settle into an unrelenting boredom, different voices scatter throughout the magazine. From poetry to drawings filled with personality, the magazine showcases art in many forms and celebrates the differences within the world of creativity. Every piece in the magazine may not appeal to the reader, but analyzing discomfort is also a way to get something out of a piece of literature or art.

Flipping through the pages, it is hard not to be eager to see what comes next, whether it be curiosity about what ridiculously fascinating story pops up next or a longing for something more profound. “Cicada” by Andrews provides a heartfelt tone to the otherwise unserious attitude of the magazine.

From a more technical standpoint, the formatting is slightly all over the place. The editors note the drawback. Since this is the first issue, there are bound to be some kinks to work out. The next issue will be more organized, though some things could have appeared more clearly in this one. 

Overall, The Stinky Grape is an amalgamation of the minds of different young creatives. Reading the magazine, one embarks on an adventure through the inner workings of an artist’s mind and comes out at the other end, amused and ready for more. 

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