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Camilla Hipp

Staff Writer

Welcome back to the mountain… and to your horoscopes! The planets are starting out strong (and backwards) this school year. Venus and Mercury are in retrograde, so from our Earthly perspective, they are moving backwards in the sky… also meaning all of their usual traits are subverted and acting funny. Venus rules all things love, beauty, and aesthetics, and Mercury rules communications and thinking. Read for sun and rising to know your specific qualms with the sky! 


Coming back to school requires fixing that summer sleep schedule… and you’re feeling that right now, Aries. You may be running into scheduling issues, or just accidentally being late to literally everything. No worries there, just plan the details out more… or don’t at all and prepare to roll with the punches. 


The classic Mercury retrograde trope, Taurus. You are already ruled by the planet of love and romance, and the planets may be bringing up these themes in your life… the good, the bad, and the ugly. Your hair may not be looking right, or you’re confused about your style. A good way to spend your time may be indulging in old hobbies… not your ex. 


Leaving home is hard sometimes, Gemini. Whether near or far, you may be feeling a little homesick, or uncomfortable in your space. Maybe it’s a bad roommate or maybe you forgot your favorite stuffed animal in your childhood bedroom, either way, this too shall pass. Making moves to change your surroundings may not do much, but finding ways to settle in and be comfortable with your current situation is your best bet right now. Oh, and call your mom. 


A time of reconnection, Cancer. Old friends may reappear in your life, or you’re writing an essay about the same thing as you already did last year. Your communication skills are hanging on by a thread, re-read your texts and check who your emails are going to. Also, a reminder that sometimes people come and go from your life for a reason. 


You may be feeling a little stuck or lost right now, Leo. Feelings of wanting to change your appearance or being bored of what you have been doing are highlighted. Avoid the box dye at the drugstore for the sake of your hair… and your bank account. Try solving a difficult math problem or buying a new mascara instead. 


You’re in your head more than usual, Virgo. The things you feel like you normally have uber control over feel out of your hands. This is spinning your whole self concept on its head. An urge to bury your head in your commitments will arise as an escape, and that is okay, but turn to your partner and close friends for support as well.


You know who your friends are…right, Libra? You may be feeling insecure about your place in your community or friend groups. Rejection is a learning experience, and sometimes those pre games are not as fun as they seem on social media. Try not to worry about what you are missing out on, because at the end of the day, everyone goes home. Find something new to incorporate into your routine to fill the time. 


Friends may seem a little far away during this time, Scorpio, and you are wanting to change your appearance as a result. Maybe it is an odd correlation, but when you do not fit in normally you are okay with that, but right now you may be wanting to be more mutable to different people. This is not a negative thing, but try not to change who you are too much. Your friends are friends with who you are, not with what you seem like. 


The security of your own home is not feeling so secure anymore, Sagittarius. You may be feeling antsy with your current situation, or restricted by your daily routine. Worrying about the details may make you sick during this time. Your health is important to how you look. Sit in on a philosophy class. 


Things you have been avoiding are getting in your way, Capricorn, and for good reason. The things and feelings you push to the side are bound to come back around. Not thinking about something is not a solution. Buy a new journal and write it out. There is no pressure to solve anything for certain right now, even though you may want to. Go on a night drive instead. 


Your relationships are in the forefront right now, Aquarius. Normally you are not one to get bogged down in anything serious, but your partnerships are needing your attention right now. Solving problems in your head and implementing them are two different stories. The people around you cannot read your mind. Serious conversations entail. 


Details, details, details, Pisces. There is beauty in the minute things, but over-planning is not your safest bet during this time. You may get fussy when you don’t get your way. Your previous commitments may not come through like they have in the past. There was just a full moon in your sign, so you may have felt overwhelmed. As the moon wanes, this will subside.

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