An Update on Theta Kappa Phi’s Reinstatement

Lizzy Donker 

Junior Editor

Theta Kappa Phi faces a second round of questioning by Sewanee sorority leaders, following an initial vote denying them entrance into the University’s Intersorority Council.

The development follows a unanimous vote by Sewanee’s Student Government Association to recognize the group as an official student organization. The Purple has not received any comment from any members of the Intersorority Council regarding their process in considering Theta Kappa Phi’s request for reinstatement. 

Representatives of Theta Kappa Phi (TKP) made an initial presentation to the Intersorority Council (ISC) on September 11, but the group did not receive the two-thirds majority vote needed for inclusion in the council.

Donald Abels, Sewanee’s director of Greek Life, said the ISC members also decided to allow TKP the chance to make another presentation to the council and another vote will then be held.

“This presentation allows TKP to address the council’s questions and concerns,” Abels said.

Abels said that the ISC’s voting process was “their formal policy for new or returning organizations.” He provided a copy of the council’s current constitution, which states, “A 2/3 vote of the member organizations of ISC is necessary for an organization to be admitted or readmitted to the council.” 

The ISC Constitution does not include a provision for a re-vote. Its stated policy for amendments to the constitution such as the admission of a re-vote is as follows:

“This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the member sororities, provided that the proposed amendment is submitted in writing and notice of such intended action is given to the ISC president, the staff member who oversees sorority life, and each ISC sorority at least two weeks before the vote is taken. Any amendment change must receive a signature of approval by the staff member who oversees sorority life before the change is official.”

The Sewanee Purple has not been made aware of any such proposed amendments. Abels said, “this is a council process, so the University’s role is to guide the council and help ensure they follow their process.”

The ISC Constitution states, “The authority and duty of the Council shall be to conduct all matters in a way that reflects the overall welfare of all Greek students and the community.”

The next ISC vote could determine whether TKP will be reinstated as a Greek organization.

This is a developing story.

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  1. I can’t imagine a more unfair process. Nine rival sorority members are deciding the fate of another sorority? Conflict of interest?
    Also I can’t imagine the life of those nine students after the vote? They’ve been put in a very unfair position by the University.

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