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Harvest Moon Horoscopes

Camilla Hipp

Staff Writer

The September full moon, known as the Harvest Moon, will be a Supermoon! Occurring in the sign of Aries, impulsivity and daring to do anything will be all fired up. This Supermoon is peaking on September 29, occurring a week after the Autumnal equinox, bringing in the
red-colored leaves on the mountain highways and warm coffees from Stirling’s. So, be sure to take a moment on the way to the frats this weekend to look up at the sky, and let the moon light your path.

All about you, Aries. The full moon is occurring in your sign, and with that bringing all your
emotions to the forefront… and quickly too. This is a good time to embrace things that make you such an Aries. Be impulsive, be brave, and be spontaneous. Taking time to relax and recharge immediately after an adventure will be felt as well. Enjoy yourself.

Your head may be in the clouds right now, Taurus. Your moods may be even moodier, and social interactions may feel like the most difficult thing. Make your room into your safety nest, and enjoy a movie and a hot chocolate. Sometimes doing nothing feels more of an experience than trying to do everything.

You are the opposite of introverted right now, Gemini. You may be wanting to get out and meet new people, or be randomly invited to an event by an acquaintance. Your outreach and ability to connect with others is heightened right now. You may even need to buy a new outfit for all your appearances.

You are rethinking your direction, Cancer. The moon is illuminating who you are to the people around you, the waxes and the wanes. Now may be a good time to make a move towards securing a spot in an exclusive society, or being the most popular one at the party. You are outgoing and ambitious during this time. Make sure to not step on too many toes.

You may be feeling antsy, Leo. Possibly a craving to travel or at least go to Chattanooga for the weekend may be on your itinerary. You may be connecting with people outside your usual circles, or calling your friends abroad. Zest for learning is refreshed after a possibly recent lull in interest.

So dark and mysterious, Virgo. Things are coming from the depths to ask for your attention
again. Maybe an assignment you never did, or an old friendship that did not end super well.
Anything that comes up is a reflection of yourself right now. Take it in stride and write it down.

Where do your commitments lie, Libra? Questions about how to apply yourself to your life are coming up… through your relationships, friends, school, and so on. It may feel like everyone wants something from you right now. Save yourself before coming to the rescue.

What you do everyday directly affects your health, Scorpio. This includes emotional and
physical. Any bad habits may need some realigning right now. They will make themselves
known. Trying too hard may do more harm than good. Have grace with yourself. Some things are best in mediation.

Okay, Sagittarius! All eyes on you. Your flirty energy is off the charts right now, and you are on fire. Being yourself comes easily during this time, and gets you the furthest. Expect to be the center of attention, because you are.

You may be a homebody this week, Capricorn. Sometimes going out takes a lot of energy that you are just not willing to waste right now. Take some time to withdraw, and maybe clean your room. Maybe even host a get together at your place. Have a glass of wine and listen to old music.

Social hour, Aquarius. Now is a good time to spend with friends and socializing. Your creativity may be heightened as well. Doodle in your notebook or fill an entire canvas. Do your hair differently, and wear your shirt backwards.

You may be thinking about, well, things, Pisces. Your finances may feel like a big deal right now, like someone who owes you has not paid you back yet. Go to the thrift store and spend time in the trinkets section. Sleep with some coins underneath your pillow.

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