Theta Kappa Phi Officially a Sorority

Lizzy Donker

Junior Editor

This past week, Theta Kappa Phi (TKP), was reinstated as a Greek organization and as a member of the Intersorority Council (ISC). The decision followed a second presentation by the sorority to the ISC, following an initial rejection last month. 

The Purple spoke to TKP’s current president, Charlotte Maxwell (C ’24), about this process:

“Originally, our vice president and I went in and presented to the presidents on the ISC council, and we needed to get a two-thirds vote, which we were not able to get the first time. [Greek Life Director] Donald [Abels] and [ISC President] Olivia [Stafford (C ’24)] followed up with me afterward and said that the reason we were not able to get the two-thirds vote was because there were remaining questions that people had. So they were very gracious and gave us another opportunity to answer all of their questions.”

Sofie Behr (C ’24), TKP’s risk manager, also spoke about the process of TKP presenting a second time. “It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to present a second time. After the first presentation, ISC presidents had some follow up questions, and decided that it would be best to let us present again to clarify things.”

“A couple days after the initial vote, Olivia Stafford emailed me a list of thirteen questions that the presidents had and we had time to prepare so that our presentation really focused on these specific questions and answering them completely,” Maxwell explained.

The questions ranged from how TKP is going to be run moving forward, to the sorority’s risk reduction plans, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives moving forward. TKP’s leaders elaborated on those issues in their second presentation to the Intersorority Council, Maxwell said.

After a couple of follow-up questions, Maxwell said, the organization was “able to get a two-thirds vote,” declaring TKP an official sorority under Sewanee Greek Life.

“We were able to present again on specific questions that were still outstanding, such as details about our risk management policies moving forward. Thankfully, everything went well and we were able to provide the necessary information to be reinstated,” said Behr.

Moving forward, TKP is now “under this umbrella of Sewanee Greek Life. We’ll [TKP] be able to participate in recruitment in the spring,” Maxwell said.

The sorority, however, still has to follow “this document that outlines what we are and are not allowed to do this semester,” as well as some “limitations” next year. Nonetheless, “we [TKP] are a Greek organization,” said Maxwell.

Despite it being a somewhat complicated process, TKP has officially been reinstated as both a student and Greek organization (three articles later).

The student body has reacted positively to the decision, as have members of the group. 

“We are super excited and optimistic about our reinstatement. I am especially grateful to ISC for their faith in us and we are excited to be back!” said Behr.

“We’re just very excited that we’re registered as a student organization and now officially as a sorority under Sewanee Greek Life,” Maxwell said. And we really look forward to growing our relationships with other organizations on campus, Greek organizations, as well as everybody else, and we just can’t wait to do more good work around the community and be involved.”

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