“a private liberal arts college in the middle of appalachia”

Ivy Geyman

Contributing Writer

As autumn wraps its fiery hues around the hilly landscapes of Sewanee, a small liberal arts college nestled in the heart of Appalachia, a distinct aesthetic unfolds. The charm of this season is unmatched, painting a picturesque canvas of falling leaves, crisp air, and a campus adorned in shades of amber and gold. It’s a season that beckons introspection and embraces the cozy ambiance that blankets Sewanee, making it the perfect setting for a curated playlist that encapsulates the spirit of fall.

This playlist, carefully crafted to echo the soul of Sewanee in autumn, features songs by Noah Kahan, Lizzy McAlpine, Tyler Childers, Hozier, and Lord Huron. As the temperature dips and the leaves begin their vibrant transformation, these songs accompany the melody of the season, providing a soothing soundtrack to the experiences that define a Sewanee fall.

The playlist sets the tone for a day adorned in Blundstones, taking you on a whimsical journey through Abbos Ally, a beloved hiking spot at Sewanee. The crisp leaves underfoot and the earthy scent of the forest blend seamlessly with Noah Kahan’s melodic tunes. His song “Young Blood” seems to resonate with the energy of a fall hike, infusing the air with a sense of youthful adventure that matches the vibrancy of the foliage.

Amidst this natural beauty, a visit to duPont is a must, especially during fall. Picture a tranquil afternoon, the sun casting a warm glow through the library windows, inviting you to curl up with a good book. Lizzy McAlpine’s “to the mountains’ paints a picture of quiet reflection, perfectly complementing the serenity of duPont’s lower floors. Her soothing voice and poetic lyrics intertwine with the rustling leaves outside, encapsulating the essence of academia. 

As daylight gently transitions into dusk, Hozier’s “From Eden” harmoniously captures the essence of a late-night walk back to the dorm. The flickering lamp posts cast elongated shadows, and the chill in the air prompts you to pull your jacket tighter. Hozier’s deep, soulful melodies  echo through the wooded paths, providing a comforting soundtrack to the journey back after a day’s endeavors.

Tyler Childers, an artist deeply rooted in the Appalachian region, adds a unique flavor to the playlist. His song “Country Squire” complements the cozy atmosphere of Sewanee’s fall evenings, reminiscent of the local culture and the connection to the land that characterizes the region. The evocative lyrics resonate with the essence of Sewanee, intertwining seamlessly with the autumnal charm.

Lastly, Lord Huron’s “The Night We Met” offers a reflective and dreamy end to the playlist. Picture yourself strolling back to the dorm, the night’s quietude  embracing you. The song’s introspective lyrics and ethereal melody invite contemplation, mirroring the introspective ambiance of an autumn night at Sewanee.

From the haunting melodies echoing through the archways of All Saints’ Chapel to the rousing cheers of the crowd at Harris Stadium, this soundtrack embodies the diverse range of experiences one can find at Sewanee. It’s the gentle strumming of a guitar at a bonfire gathering under the starry night sky, the rustling of leaves on a quiet hike through the Domain, and the laughter of friends gathered in the warmth of a cozy dorm room.

With songs that resonate with the profound sense of community and growth that defines Sewanee, this playlist serves as a reminder that every note, every lyric, and every chord is a testament to the unique beauty of this place. It encapsulates the essence of a Sewanee fall, a season of growth, reflection, and the forging of lasting connections set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Appalachian mountains.

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