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Camilla Hipp

Staff Writer

Hello, friends! So, this upcoming week we are entering eclipse season, which is bound to shake up a certain aspect of your life that may have been feeling stagnant for over a year now. This is a big deal, honestly. Outcomes are bound to happen. Even when things are crashing over your head, coming up for air makes it all worthwhile. Explore yourself and your potential, and watch how people around you react. Read for sun and rising to find out what is in store for you!


Aries, always so independent. Maybe from your own decision, but this may have been more so out of your hands this past year. This eclipse is showing you how other people show up for you, and how you commit yourself back to them… in all sorts of relationships. People who aren’t meeting you halfway are meant to fall away. You should be there too.


Oh so picky, Taurus… or not. You may have been throwing yourself in every direction hoping for some sort of return. This may be a time to notice how this is working out for you. Does this make you feel good? Your health and wellness is a direct reflection of the consequences of your actions. Watch out for any sickness, and see what that says about you.


Your dating life may have been really wonky for the past years, Gemini. This is a time of reset. All the planets are working in your favor, and it may seem too good to be true. You were meant to have been in a time of deep introspection on your relationships… and your relationship with fun. The work you have, or have not, been doing is now catching up to you. Enjoy the ride.


Welcome home, Cancer… or just the opposite. These upcoming years are your time to get out in the world and discover. You had to be sure this was the place before you went anywhere else. It’s up to you to feel that you are where you want to be.


Everything new and improved, Leo. You have been figuring out what makes you tick for the past years. What are your hobbies, hopes and dreams? Implementing these into bigger ideas is on the horizon. Dare even a part of your identity. Don’t be afraid to claim the title.


You may have been focused on money for a while now, Virgo. Sometimes overthinking the flow of things makes things move in slow motion. Material things do not define your close relationships. Clear your mental pathways to create more space.


Once again figuring out who you are, Libra. You may pride (or hide) yourself in your social chameleon abilities, but this eclipse is going to give you your own legs to stand on. Pick out your own outfit, and your own crushes.


To be honest, Scorpio, you may be feeling particularly anxious or stressed out. Probably because you’re feeling vulnerable. Looping narrative may be begging to be written about or talked to about someone. It won’t hurt you to unpack what’s bothering you. Usually it sticks around until you do, anyways.


Friendships are around every corner, Sagittarius. Having fun comes naturally when you are with people you enjoy… and most all the time people enjoy being with you. This is a wild card right now. If you are feeling particularly pulled towards one relationship over another, listen to that.


Who are you beyond your roots, Capricorn? You may be feeling (or putting) pressure on yourself to identify yourself, and know obviously who you are. You are the main definer of this though, not your parents or where you grew up. You get the most recognition for doing what you enjoy.


You’ve been in one place for a while, Aquarius. It may be time to switch things up. Travel or take a new class. You feel obligated to stay with your friends, but at the end of the day, what you have done and how you treat people define who you are… more than who you surround yourself with.


Be strategic, Pisces. When your boundaries are non-existent people tend to float into your sacred space. Discover what that means to you and how to protect your peace. This doesn’t mean block everyone, but this may mean blocking a few numbers.

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