The Beauty of the World

Meredith Williams

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Art has always been a means of capturing the beauty of our surroundings, and few genres accomplish this effectively as still life and landscapes.

The “Beauty of the World” exhibition at Stirling’s Coffee Shop, presented by Sewanee Art Works, invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world of landscapes and thoughtfully arranged still-life compositions. This display showcases the talents of artists who brought nature’s tranquility to life on canvas. It combines a collection of artwork that captures the essence, variety, and sheer beauty of landscapes and still lifes.

“The Beauty of the World” is a curated showcase that bridges the gap between two distinct genres—still life and landscape art. Displayed at Stirling’s Coffee Shop, it offers visitors an experience that combines aesthetic appreciation and social interaction. This exhibition serves as a testament to the timeless significance and adaptability of life and landscape art within the modern art scene. It offers an enriching and unforgettable experience for individuals who appreciate visual art.

The artworks featured in this exhibition are genuinely remarkable, showcasing a range of styles, mediums, and interpretations. From realistic still-life compositions to dreamy and impressionistic landscapes, this exhibit strikes a harmonious balance between deeply personal pieces meant for loved ones and whimsical works designed to bring joy to viewers.

Martha Keeble serves as both owner and operator at Sewanee Art Works Studio. One of the goals of this exhibition is to show the Sewanee community that “..anybody can paint at different levels…” and that “… it’s important for them [Keeble’s students] to come and feel safe because we don’t judge and since we’re not all painting the same thing, there’s no comparison.”

The inspirations for the pieces in this exhibit are vast and vary widely per artist. Keeble explained, “They just bring in photographs of their travels or some picture that somebody they love took, or even sometimes it’s a present for somebody.” While the inspiration behind each piece differs, the meaning behind the exhibit encompasses each piece. 

“They use all the different mediums they want, and they’re willing to experiment if they haven’t ever done something before, and sometimes people are kind of uptight, and they’re worried, so I’ll say, well, we’re just going to move this and you’re going to sling some paint and so really it’s for therapy,” she said,  “because when you’re painting or doing most creative things, you lose your sense of time.”

Sewanee Art Works Studio does projects like this to show the talented student’s artwork. Keeble explained, “So, anyway, we just welcome everybody. It doesn’t matter what level of experience or medium, they’re welcome to join us.”

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