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Camilla Hipp

Staff Writer


Things are finally becoming clear, Aries. There may be an aha moment coming up for you soon, as the veil is lifted from your deeper psyche. This month is big on big feelings, and how those may bubble up to the surface.


Who is on your side, Taurus? Your friends may be telling you a secret, or you may find something out about them. A crush or admirer may appear from this. Nothing wrong with that!


Lots to tend to this month, Gemini. You may be walking the line between fun and tasks. Balance will be found soon, especially as you figure out who you are.


Where you’re going next will be made clear, Cancer… travel and school-wise. You are bound to have fun with this, and meet new people along the way. Reach out to your siblings for advice during this time.


You may learn something about where you come from, Leo. You may inherit something, or share finances with a trusted person. If you ask your family about anything, they likely will respond truthfully.


You’ve been getting a lot of attention for a while, Virgo. The people who really are important will last from now on, and the rest will fall away. Surround yourself with good friends and maybe even a party.


Working hard for your money, Libra. You may feel like your routine has been eluding you, and you can’t quite pin down a schedule. This will change in the upcoming weeks, and your productivity will reflect that.


A lot has been going on for you, Scorpio. Kind of like everything has been blowing air into the fire. The smoke is now clearing, along with your fantasies. Vulnerability is a super power that you may not want to use.


Are you ready to go home, Sagittarius? You have been working hard on how you appear, and your mental health. Bring home the new discoveries and rest for a bit.


Connections, connections, Capricorn. New friend groups and school have been themes for a while now. Now is a filtering time for all you have gathered.


You have been working on your brand, Aquarius. Cleaning up who you are, and what people know about you. Your attempts to be mysterious are working. Watch out for the next couple of months, though.


Itching to get out, Pisces? You may be feeling restless during this time, wondering where to go next. You may feel you have outgrown yourself, and some relationships. Growth is hasty.

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