Green House garden party gets golden year going

by Mac Bailey

The spell of bad-luck associated with Friday the 13th was broken with the day’s Garden Party at the Green House. All were invited to attend the party, bring their friends, listen to great music, and eat delicious food. It was a terrific way to kick off the weekend, but more importantly, it was a way for the Green House to share its dedication to sustainability.

The Green House’s eleven residents share a dedication to sustainable living. They pursue the goal of creating a sustainable living environment. Each resident is sure to turn off the lights when leaving the room. In order to not waste water, a schedule of shower times is posted. When it comes to the food they consume, much is actually grown in the garden, with eggs fetched from the chicken coup. Aside from the goal of sustainability, resident John Mark simply summed up the experience as “good living.”

The most important piece of the Green House’s mission is to promote sustainable living throughout campus. Events like the Garden Party are ways which members can promote their beliefs. In many ways, the house is trying to be more open to the campus community. A number of residents stated that they believe too few students feel welcome to visit. The Green House does not try to impose its views on anyone; it acts more as an example of sustainable living, while politely stating its mission. The 13th’s get-together was an effort at welcoming a wider range of students. Besides being as successful way to promote the organization’s interests, the party was a perfect time to hang out with friends new and old. For a few hours, socializing occurred alongside a campfire, tasty food, and even tours of the chicken coup and house itself.

The Green House residents only wished that could provide completely sustainable food choices. The house is currently in the search of extra funds, and such events are good ways in which they can raise awareness to such goals. Besides raising awareness of the hope for some extra cash, they also want to make it known that anyone is welcome to come help in the garden every Sunday morning, 10:00am to noon.