Club tennis serves up some fun

by Chris Murphree

A new club at the University of the South is looking to make a smash on campus. The Sewanee Club Tennis Team is part of the USTA Tennis on Campus program and is making great strides to make their presence known.

Interest in a club tennis team began when Toby Hickson (C’15) started looking for a group of students to practice strokes with. With no organization for students who are looking to continue the game in a recreational manner, he began working with Varsity tennis coach John Shackelford and Area Coordinator Marney Babbitt. Over the summer, interests in a club team further developed and what was once wishful thinking began to show signs of life.

Current club president Tessa Patel (C’16) lined up a spot during the activities fair, leading to the club’s continued growth and future success. Team members meet for practice twice a week for two hours to further develop their talents on the court. The team works very hard, executing a variety of drills and games to improve their physical fitness and perfect their various strokes.

The Club Tennis team recently competed in USTA Tennessee Tennis on Campus Tennessee Championships at Nashville’s Centennial Sportplex. The tenacious Tiger squad went up against large schools such as the University of Tennessee and Clemson University, fighting for every point despite the daunting and fierce competition. The club hopes to continue their success as they continue on to the Chattanooga regional championships and the Auburn sectional tournament.

The team strives to provide a welcoming and engaging environment for all students interested as they improve their skills while building camaraderie on the court.

The club encourages experienced players and newcomers alike to come out and join the team as they practice from on Monday Wednesday eachweek. Practice begins at 7:15 at the Fowler Indoor Tennis Courts.