Unfortunate family weekend loss against long-time rivals

by Caitlin McCarthy

As the sun beat down on Hardee-McGee Field on October 12, families filled Harris Stadium and the Sewanee Tigers stormed the new turf.

The game against Rhodes College got off to a good start with a 3-0 lead by Sewanee. However, this lead did not last long, as Rhodes soon thereafter scored a 74 yard touchdown. Unable to move the ball on their next possession, the Tigers fell further behind when Rhodes scored a second touchdown.

Callum Wishart (C’16) scored another field goal, bringing the score up to 14-6, with Rhodes still in the lead. On their next possession Rhodes scored yet another touchdown with a 73 yard pass. The Tigers were not ready to give up, and took on the second quarter with fervor. Wishart (C’16) scored a third field goal, closely followed by Curtis Johnson’s (C’14) 59 yard pass to Charlie Powell (C’15) for a touchdown.

Unfortunately after this first touchdown, the Tiger’s luck ran out. The Lynx started the second half by scoring 21 unanswered points. With a deficit of 42-16, the Tigers made one final attempt, as Johnson once again found receiver Powell in the end zone, scoring Sewanee’s last touchdown of the game.

After this Sewanee touchdown, Rhodes scored yet another touchdown, ending the game with a 50-23 score, and a rough loss for the Tigers.

While it was tough to lose to the long-time rivals, Powell still finished the game with a career-high 83 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Additionally, Johnson had 153 yards of offense, and Wishart connected on three field goals.