Roaring Tigers obtain season opener win: Ready for a champion season

by Caitlin Finneran McCarthy

There was a distinct rumble in Juhan Gymnasium of Fowler Center in Sewanee last Friday, November 15. It was the sound of 16 Sewanee Tigers men’s basketball players taking the court, warming up, preparing not only for the upcoming game, but for a season they are determined to succeed in.

As the opponents, Crown College, began the game and rapidly scored seven points to Sewanee’s one point, the Tigers snapped to attention and spent the subsequent 10 minutes showing the Crusaders who was destined to win. Immediately following this, forward Keshonn Carter (C’15) made a jump shot and began to turn things around for the beloved Tigers. After an assist from guard Matt Tome (C’16), forward Robert Veal (C’15) flew through the air, scoring a perfect jump shot. A mere 20 seconds later, guard-forward Leo Born (C’16) assisted Tome (C’16) in obtaining his own shot – a beautiful three-pointer.

As the first half came near an end, forward Seth Brown (C’16) shot the ball through the air from the three point line, soaring in a sweet basket. This was immediately followed by guard Byron Turner (C’16) scoring a quick layup. With these two great shots in a row, the Tigers were up 29-18 against the Crusaders.

Four seconds into the second half, Carter (C’15) had already sent the ball through the hoop for a flawless jump shot. As if the Crusaders were not already intimidated enough, Carter (C’15) made a free throw half a minute later, followed immediately by a layup, then a jump shot, both by guard-forward Marcellus Cardwell (C’15). Throughout the second half, the Tigers continued to run the court and score numerous baskets. Guard Jorden Williams (C’17) further scared the Crusaders after perfectly securing both free throws. Later following a free throw by guard Alex Arnold (C’15), the score was up to 50-26, with the Tigers dominating.

Despite their lead, the Tigers were not backing down. After Carter (C’15) secured both free throws and then just over 30 seconds later made a jump shot, the Tigers were totally pumped up, confident in the win they were determined to achieve.

Ready to finish the game right, guard Clay Born (C’17) proved himself in this first official season game of his college career with a flawless three-pointer as the last shot made by the Tigers for the game. The matchup culminated with an 80-45 win by the Tigers, who at the sound of the buzzer, were ready to celebrate this outstanding win.

The season opening game set a precedent for the Tigers, which they plan on continuing. The all-around talented teamscored 80 points, played highly impressive defense, forced a total of 23 turnovers (these alone led to 27 points), and had notable individual feats.

Every single Tiger played and scored during the game, while Turner and Caldwell (C’15) both finished  strong with scoring seven points each, and Carter (C’16) led the team overall by points scored with 15.

The Sewanee Tigers, led by Coach Bubba Smith, invite all students, faculty, and community members to come cheer on this  successful team at every home game this season.

The schedule is available at YSR!