Her Campus Sewanee

by Emmy Walters
Executive Staff

At the end of last semester, Sewanee became one of over 200 campuses nationwide that uses Her Campus as an online community for college women. Founded in 2009, Her Campus has a mission to “be the leading multi-platform brand in the female college space…cultivating an interactive community of female college students and serving their unique set of needs.” Co-Editors of the Sewanee Her Campus chapter, Annie Blanks (C’15) and Alli Smith (C’16), launched the site with hopes of using it as a source of freeform, instantaneous discussion about topics relevant to the Sewanee community and abroad.

While Sewanee’s 35 Her Campus staff writers have the freedom to write about local or national events and issues, they do have to keep up with national Her Campus standards that regulate the layout of the website. The Her Campus website has 7 sections that provide a variety of content and have to be updated at least once a week. These sections range from news to events to a campus style blog. While some of the articles reflect a serious news style, some are similar to BuzzFeed articles or blog posts like the recent “If Liz Lemon Went to Sewanee” article.

Although the title of the website is HER Campus, Blanks and Smith hope that it can also be a reflection of OUR Sewanee campus, welcoming all gender perspectives. Sewanee’s Her Campus has two regularly contributing male writers now, but would love to have more. Blanks says that she hopes Her Campus will “spark a solid platform for better communication between the genders … prompting a discussion about social issues in the Sewanee community.” Sewanee Her Campus has already paired up with the Good Man Initiative as they joined in McClurg on January 24 to explore what Sewanee men and women love about each other.