Child abuse prevention at Sewanee

by Caitlin F. McCarthy
Executive Staff

A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds, according to ChildHelp. With this overwhelming statistic, along with innumerable others, one thing is very clear: child abuse is still an enormous problem in the United States. An imperative issue that requires the efforts of all people – parents, siblings, cousins, neighbors, peers, teachers, community members; everyone – to constantly work for the betterment of future generations, to protect the little ones around us, and to ask the hard questions. Sewanee, a village with approximately 350 children at the elementary school alone, works diligently to be a close-knit community that values these children and future generations on the Mountain. Likewise, Prevent Child Abuse America, an incredible nonprofit organization, has dedicated the past fifteen years to protecting and valuing children in the United States.

On Tuesday, February 18 Kappa Delta sorority is enthralled to invite the Sewanee campus and community to learn more about Prevent Child Abuse America and the issues facing our nation’s youngest people. The distinguished speaker and Communications Specialist Mary Margaret Brown will be presenting in Gailor Auditorium from 4:30-5:30pm. Her 45 minute lecture allows time for questions at the culmination and will be accompanied by delicious treats baked by the KDs.

As the PCAA continues to work on several endeavors, most notably The National Movement for America’s Children, Sewanee is enthusiastic about this opportunity to learn more about this disturbing social justice issue. The lecture promises to be highly engaging and eye-opening.

By working together, Sewanee can help contribute to mark the end of child abuse in America. The first step to solving any issue is simple – becoming informed. One lecture could make a difference in the lives of children both down the street, and around the country.