Police Blotter

by Kimberly Williams
Staff Writer

Shake Day: A day on the Mountain when bids are accepted, the Greek god Dionysus reigns, and everyone is looking out for Bacchus. This is the day many won’t remember, but the records at the police station will never forget. Thanks to Chief Marie Eldridge of the Sewanee Police Department, a few of these stories follow. Despite the pledges that tumbled through mottos of their chosen fraternities and sororities, this year’s Shake Day was a relatively quiet one as far as the police records are concerned. No arrests were made, although there were a few violations issued for underage consumption of alcohol.

The reports have more to say about the weekend after Shake Day. Several thefts were reported from the library carrels—students are advised not to leave textbooks or similar items unattended in the library, that are being stolen. One arrest was made for a DUI. There were several cases of underage consumption of alcohol reported; two such instances resulted in the underage drinkers being transported to the hospital. There were multiple violations for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Vandalism of property was also reported in one of the dorms.

As you go about your weekend—or any day of the week—partying, these officers are working for your safety. They take every precaution they can—like making Sewanee a non-drivable campus for a day—to keep you safe and off of the records. If you are a witness to a crime or have any information about one that has been committed, please stop by the Sewanee Police Department or call the Sewanee extension 1111.