Spicy Mac ‘n’ Cheese: a Tale of Woe

by Page Forrest
Junior Editor

It’s been showing up under several disguises, sometimes subtle, sometimes not – “Cowboy Mac N’ Cheese,” “Adobe Mac N’ Cheese,” “Mac N’ Cheese with jalapenos.” All are equally disappointing. I am of course referring to the trend of spicy mac n’ cheese that has infiltrated McClurg.

I have no problem with spicy flavors in general – there are many foods that need that extra kick. However, mac n’cheese has always been the embodiment of plain-souled comfort food. Its warm, cheesy goodness has served a panacea for just about everything in my life, from stress to an upset stomach. But now, every time mac n’ cheese is served in the cafeteria, it seems to be accompanied by some kind of extra kick. Maybe I’m just a really boring person, but I know that I’m not alone. Mary Morrison (C’15), when asked about the subject, was reduced to a level of frustration so low that correct grammar was simply not possible. “SPICY MAC NO!!!” she cried.

Chef Rick Wright hasbeen doing an amazing job dealing with all of the whims and requests of the Sewanee student body in regards to our eating preferences. I almost feel kind of bad ranting about the spicy mac n’ cheese,because in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t have too much of an impact on my life. Except, of course, for the complete and utter despair I feel every time I see it in the home line.

I’m not asking for spicy mac n’ cheese in all its forms to be abolished entirely. I understand that there are still some people out there who like it – probably the same people who like Superman ice cream. All I want is some plain old mac n’ cheese back in circulation. We’ve seen it in McClurg on rare occasions, and it is a glorious taste to behold. I can’t subside off Kraft forever – the cheese powder pales in comparison to the real thing, no matter how many nights of cramming it’s gotten me through. So please, please, please bring back regular mac n’ cheese – no cowboys, no modifiers. My ability to consume way too many carbs depends on it.