Beyond Sewanee: Bursting the bubble

by Rachel Chu

Staff Writer

Beyond Sewanee meets every Tuesday in the Political Engagement House, to allow students to “burst the Sewanee Bubble” and interact while discussing issues in our world today. In addition, it provides a safe place for students to speak out about their opinions and beliefs, while being simultaneously supported and, possibly, respectfully challenged. Caitlin McCarthy (C’16), president of Beyond Sewanee, expressed that her interactions with students at Beyond Sewanee have occasionally enhanced and even changed her own opinions. It seemed as though one hour was not enough to discuss subjects on our minds, ranging from the recently beheaded journalist to the iCloud hacking scandals.

As we ate Crust pizza (one type jokingly referred to as the “ISIS” pizza), almost every student shared an opinion. Highlights from this week’s meeting included Germany’s potential involvement in world politics, recent Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) violence, events in Gaza, the film The Interview, Michael Brown’s death and resulting protests in Ferguson, and the theft of several celebrities’ nude photos from hacked iCloud accounts. Discussions about current events can spur conversations about racism, sexism, human sexuality, and countless other topics important to student life. So if you’re looking for a place to blow off steam about Hamas or the recent escape of 32 teens from a youth detention center in Nashville, make sure to stop by Beyond Sewanee Tuesdays at 7 for riveting news-related conversation.