The Highlanders and Wellingtons apologize to campus

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of the Highlander Wellington organizations, we would like to extend our deepest apologies for the events that took place at the soccer match on August 30th. Racist language is something that is never acceptable and we are truly embarrassed to be responsible for it’s occurrence on Sewanee’s campus. At the match we were not behaving like Sewanee men. It was the first game back and we let our excitement impair our judgment. After discussing the issue with school officials, parents, and members of the soccer program we recognize that our behavior was embarrassing for both ourselves and for our school. Sewanee is a community that seeks to embrace the dignity for all and we feel the resounding embarrassment from our inappropriate behavior. For those who felt personally attacked by the incident, we sincerely apologize and can assure you that this will not happen again and that it is being taken very seriously. If there is anything you need from us please, do not hesitate to ask. Again we understand that our behavior was completely out of line and we are actively altering it so all parties can enjoy future friendly competition.


Highlander Wellington:

Charlie Jackson and Penn Jenks


  1. An apology can’t begin to repair the damage, pain and hurt you caused fellow students. Not doing it again is not enough. Think hard about how you can make up for the damage you have caused those students, the University, and all people of color. I am appalled, dismayed, and angered by your actions.

  2. Just the comment “do not hesitate to ask” displays your complete disconnect/lack of understanding. Why must BIPOC have to ask you for anything? And if your reaction to this is that you can’t win/there’s no “right thing to say,”…well, that’s true. Because words are an insufficient reparation…

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