A ghoulish Halloween with GTU and the Craft House

Piratey partygoersby Alysse Schultheis

Executive Editor

Photos by Colton Treadwell

On October 31, Halloween night, the Craft House and GTU hosted a bewitching party as the temperature dropped and the wind blew ominously A creepy clownthrough the graveyard. Cooking all day, the residents of the Craft House made chicken “Bat Wings,” bloody cupcakes, Oreo monster eyes, and provided drinks in test tubes. Full of deliciously spooky food, everyone could then walk the short distance to the Social Lodge and dance to the upbeat playlist GTU put together while enjoying punch and chips.

Colton Treadwell (C’16) commented on the DIY decorations the Craft House residents made, saying, “it’s always nice to spend Halloween at a party where the theme is done extremely well.” With candles floating from the ceiling, a black light creating an eerie glow from green potions, and plenty of cobwebs and bats, the Craft House created a frightening experience. Attendees could also have their fortunes told, an experience Treadwell said “made this Halloween a night to remember.”