Hogwarts Halloween graces McClurg

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by Page Forrest

Junior Editor

It’s no secret that Sewanee strongly resembles Hogwarts. We have beautiful Gothic buildings, billowing black gowns, and rumors of a giant squid living in Lake Trez. This year, the hardworking staff in McClurg took the resemblance one step further and turned the dining hall into Hogwart’s Great Hall on Halloween. A similar transformation happened last year, and students were thrilled to receive the announcement once more. Students were recruited to assist the staff with the decorations in the weeks leading up to October 31. Katie Barney (C’17) and Emily Riedlinger (C’18) built and painted the signs for the “Hogsmeade” section of the dining hall. “It was great to work with people who were really excited about [the decorations], and I think it would be great to get as many people as possible involved next year because it’s a lot of fun,” said Barney.

In addition to decorating the building, the McClurg staff also went the extra mile with the menu for the night. Chef Rick Wright’s email for the day announced the menu would include features such as “Dobby’s Wild Pig with MCClurg Forbidden Forest Applestuffing,” “Quidditch Players Cottage Pie,” “Pumpkin Pasties,” and “Butterbeer.” Claire Burgess (C’17) was particularly excited by the new dessert offerings. “The Treacle Fudge was to die for. I’ve never been as full as I was leaving McClurg after the feast that night.” Students and community members were thrilled by the completely changed dining hall, happy to indulge their inner Potter-fanatics for a night, and everyone would agree it was an overwhelming success. The student body would like to extend its gratitude to Chef Wright, the McClurg staff, and the students who assisted for making Halloween such a magical night.