Shenanigans restaurant

Shenanigans delivers happiness

Shenanigans restaurantby John Russell

Executive Staff

Photo by Kimberly Williams

You’re in your room, unnaturally hungry. Clurg’s closed, overpriced burritos sound like a bad plan, don’t want to get lined up against a wall and yelled at by everyone’s favorite pub employee; looks like you’re out of luck, sorry, no dinner for you. Maybe the vending machine has blueberry Pop Tarts you can microwave or something, nope, just checked, cherry. Better starving than cherry. If this (or something like it) has ever happened to you (or someone you know), fret not: it’s never going to happen again. Shenanigans delivers. Call them yourself if you don’t believe me. There’s been a dearth of arrived, left the truck running, went up to the door, delivery food on the domain for years, but Shenanigans has returned and brought food with it, all the way to your door. I got a patty melt delivered to my room. It was delicious. Would recommend. There’s an old legend about Pizza Hut not delivering on campus. A driver got an order from a certain lakeside gentleman’s hall, and while he was handing over the pizzas, someone drove the pizza truck into Lake Trez. Residents of the hall catch-and-release bikes in the lake nightly, but this one had to be fished out with a tow truck. And that’s why this is such a big deal: after all that, someplace still actually delivers. I had the opportunity to ask an officer of the Sewanee PD about the Pizza Hut story. He stopped at the intersection of University and Georgia and turned to look back at me. My involuntary chauffeur denied the story’s veracity, but he did tell me that back in the Globe’s Italian period, it used to deliver pizzas. For less dramatic, non-truck-meets-lake reasons, they stopped. It makes sense: half the people ordering on a Saturday will be difficult to find or just won’t remember they ordered some-thing in the first place. As the patrol car continued on its journey down University, I silently thanked Shenanigans for bringing the proud tradition of pizza delivery back to Sewanee, TN.