McClurg life lessons

by Beth Pearson

Staff Writer

  1. Sometimes you will be alone. We’ve all been there: none of your friends are in the mood for ‘Clurg and when you arrive, making your way through those elegant double doors, you see no familiar faces. You are forced to sit alone. Yes, sometimes you will be alone, but it is okay because there will always be Cap’n Crunch in which to drown your sorrows.
  2. Life is messy. Whoever keeps making egg art all over the tables please stop. Please.
  3. Ice cream makes everything better. ‘Nough said.
  4. Transition isn’t easy. There’s nothing more devastating than walking into McClurg right as they pull away breakfast. Nothing. You stand there, plate in hand, willing to settle for pizza, but instead are forced over to the bread and cereal.
  5. You will have to make hard choices. There’s banana pudding… and chocolate chip ice cream.
  6. Things are not always what they seem. It’s okay, I thought that was chicken, too.
  7. Be on time. The guacamole will be gone if you don’t arrive within minutes of it being put out. You will have a hole in your heart and your quesadilla will not taste quite right. Timing is everything.
  8. Change happens whether you want it to or not. To-go cups. Too-late-they’re-gone cups.
  9. You will have regrets.
  10. Patience is a virtue. You’ll get to the front of the omelet line soon, I promise.