Angel Fund and SIC officer announcements


The Sewanee Angel Fund seeks to help regional start-up companies fulfill their dreams and maximize their potential.

The club meets on a monthly basis to discuss potential angel investments. They have $50k to invest and will continue to grow the fund. The Investment Club is organized to foster understanding of the role of investment management. The organization provides opportunities for students to exhibit knowledge and skills to employers, while encouraging and facilitating the development of relationships among Sewanee students and investment management companies. To achieve these objectives, the club hosts informational meetings, sponsors guest speakers, and encourages students to get involved with investment management projects with companies.

The newly elected officers for 2015 are:

Angel Fund President: Nasko Apostolov

Angel Fund Vice President: Flower Turscan

Angel Fund Executive Officer: Caroline White

Student Investment Club President: Reed Jackson

Student Investment Club CFO: Halsey Huth

SIC CFO: Mark Flournoy

SIC Treasurer: Caroline Owens

SIC Director of Expansion and Retention (Upper Class): Kiersten Satterwhite

SIC Director of Expansion and Retention (Lower Class): Claire Hill

SIC Secretary: Tran Ly