La – (don’t) – crosse: the Women’s Lacrosse team

By Carrie Gould

Staff Writer

With a final score of 11 – 7, the women’s lacrosse team won their first game of the season against Centre College. On February 14th the girls conquered their opponents with steadfast perseverance. However, the outcome of the game was not so clear for the first half of the game. Centre College scored the first goal, but attacker Mallory Grimm (C’15) quickly balanced the odds when she scored with an assist from her teammate, attacker/midfielder Ellie Murphy (C’15). The two made an impeccable play that ignited the team’s firey spirit.

Keeping up the energy, Relly King (C’18) made the next goal for Sewanee followed by another from Murphy, who scored an unbelievable goal with just a few seconds left before halftime, leaving the Tigers to be down by a mere point, with a score of 4 -3. After halftime, the tension was high when Centre scored again, but it wasn’t long until Grimm and Murphy saved the day yet again. The two made another exceptional play by working together, and aggressively. Centre, however, scored right back. The teeter-tottering score was consistent throughout the entire game but never hindered the girls from fighting until the finish. Moreover, midfielder Peyton Fields (C’16) scored twice as well as Katie Riddle (C’16), allowing Sewanee to lead 10-6. Centre’s team scored their last goal, giving them a final score of 7. Although Sewanee led by three points they weren’t stopping there. Murphy scored the final goal for Sewanee, finishing at 11 points. The game, however, was not over at that. Sewanee goalie, Crawford Horan (C’17) ultimately led the team to the big victory with not 1, not 2, but 3 incredible saves, giving the game an impressive and thrilling end. Horan states, “We were all so nervous. The whole time it was back and forth, but it was nice for us to finish the game with a strong play.”

The girl’s lacrosse team not only won due to their hard work and diligence but also because of their ability to work together as a team. With teamwork and dedication the women’s lacrosse team is sure to have a victorious season!