Unranked Sewanee Tigers lose to No. 21 Rhodes Lynx

By Evans Ousley

Staff Writer

The baseball game on March 7 that was scheduled to be played at home was instead played in Atlanta due to weather conditions. The Tigers played Sewanee’s biggest rival, Rhodes, in a three-game series. In the opening game, the beginning of the game was dominated by Sewanee thanks to pitcher Harrison Lee (C’18) allowing only one run during the first four innings. The scoreboard announced a 4-1 Tiger lead at the start of the fifth inning, but after Lee was relieved by Mike O’Neil (C’15), Rhodes was able to surpass Sewanee’s lead. In the bottom of the second inning, Ben Clune (C’15) hit the ball to left field, allowing Drew Mancuso (C’18) to run in to home plate. Jackson Cooper (C’17) was also driven in by Ryan Poole’s (C’17) hit to center field. Tyler Minkkiener (C’18) and Jack Whaley (C’15) each scored a run with RBIs. Sewanee managed to score five more runs but was unable to catch up with Rhodes by the end of the ninth inning. The final score for the first game was 14-9.In the second game of the day, Nathaniel Howard (C’18) scored Sewanee’s only run in the first inning.

Lynx pitcher Adam Putnam struck out six Sewanee players within five innings but allowed the Tiger’s unearned run. Rhodes’ batters began to warm up by the third inning, scoring twelve runs in the span of four innings. Charles Warren (C’15) struck out two Rhodes players and allowed six earned runs as the starting pitcher. The final score for the second game was 12-1. The last game in the series was played the next day on March 8. Rhodes is ranked in the twenty first position among division three schools and is one of two SAA teams ranked in the top twenty five. Sewanee is unranked.