Spring party hour-by-hour


8pm: Got distracted by a Lambda in the hottest pair of daisy dukes I’ve ever seen. Dropped my drink. Blue everywhere.

9pm: All the sexy men dressed up in drag at Lambda was wonderfully overwhelming. I have never seen guys rock dresses and makeup so well. In between runway walks, some Perpetual Motion dancers started a dance battle!

11pm: Ate stolen chicken salad out of a styrofoam to-go box with my bare hands.

Saturday4pm: Offered the opportunity to travel to a commune about an hour from here. Was planning to go, but got distracted by the Beta crawfish and the hippies left without me.

5pm: With my boyfriend to my right checking YikYak and my room-mate to my left conquer-ing the Water Temple, we sat in complete silence as I took many handfuls from my gallon sized Goldfish container.

6pm: While walking to my favorite professor’s house, my alum friends made me shotgun two beers so they wouldn’t be the only drunk ones at the dinner party.

9pm: Skinny dipping in the fountain. Might have just flashed a bunch of passers-by. Oh well.

3am: At Waffle House. Everything was hilarious.