A minute to win it

By Keenan Lo

Executive Staff

On September 3, the Student Government Association and the Order of the Gownsmen collaborated for the first time to bring an event to Sewanee. Titled “A Minute to Win It” after the famous TV show, the event took on characteristics of this show. This event was hosted by SGA Student Body President Julian Humphrey-Davis (C’16) and Order of the Gownsmen President Alec Hill (C’16), and preparation was not easy. Humphrey-Davis recalls being “nervous about just making sure the event is as good as it potentially can be. That being said, we had a spectacular group of individuals who put it on, we had a really good plan, and we communicated really well. These all calmed my While these two spearheaded the campaign, many people helped make this event possible. Davis remembers the hard work involved in event, saying, “A lot of planning went into the event over the summer and there was a lot of speaking with the administration as well. We had MAJOR help from Barbara Banks, Hagi Bradley, and the Outreach Office, and there’s no way this would have happened without them.”

The event went over well, and while it did not have the maximum turnout, the people who did go had a lot of fun. Megan Sweeting (C’19) enjoyed the event, saying, “the best part was winning the cup challenge, even though I had no idea what I was doing”. These quirky challenges were a fun way to bring people together and to introduce people to each other. Hill looks back on the event fondly, saying “the event was a great way to start off the year by helping the student body connect the names of our organizations to faces of their fellow Sewanee students. My favorite part was watching the look on Dean Hagi’s face when he had to eat a whole lemon.” With the success of this event, many people hope that these two groups have many more events to come.