Afternoon smoothies

By Simon Boes

If you stop by McClurg for a bite after class or go in to chat with your friends, something new will be there. There will be freshly made smoothies from 24 in the afternoon. The smoothies are made right in front of you and include incredibly healthy ingredients. The staff of McClurg wanted to add another option for students during the afternoon. Smoothies started to be professionally made in 1970 by a teenager who was looking for a way to enjoy something similar to the milkshakes his friends were enjoying. Steven Kuhanu created this revolutionary drink (with the help of the new household item: the blender) because he was lactose intolerant. In McClurg the friendly Smoothie Master of the day, Josh, commented, “This one is made with pineapple juice, peaches, mango, and vanilla yogurt.” However, dining hall staff will be creating different smoothies almost daily. With such a great variety in smoothies and at such an accessible time of day, this move by McClurg is masterful. Nash Smith (C’19) remarked, “Refreshing; really good, I’d recommend it to anyone,” along with Brit Hurley (C’19), who pointed out, “Tastes professional, like something from Planet Smoothie.” Most colleges and universities in the States have smoothie shops, so it is fortunate that Sewanee has free smoothies to take advantage of. Compared to other schools, where smoothies like this would cost four to six dollars, Sewanee comes out on top. However, after observing McClurg at smoothie time, not that many people are taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity. If you need a study break, snack time, or a place to socialize, make sure you stop by McClurg in the afternoons to grab a healthy and snack.