Sewanee faces Washington & Lee in field hockey

By Meghan Mulhern

Staff Writer

The Sewanee women’s field hockey team kicked off the season with a game Thursday night, September 3, against Washington & Lee. Katya Waters (C’18), goalie for the Sewanee Tigers, says, “I wasn’t sure if the game was going to be close or not… But when we took the field we were ready to give it our all.” During the first half of the game, the Tigers had two shots on goal. W&L’s goalie, Jacqueline Llewellyn, saved Hannah Tompkins’s (C’19) shot, but again Llewellyn saved it. Anderson took one more shot in the first half, but it was blocked. W&L took four shots on goal in the first half. Sewanee goalie Katya Waters saved all shots.

At the end of the first half, the score was zero-zero. The second half was just as close. W&L took several shots on goal at the beginning of the half, but were unable to score. About two thirds of the way through the second half, Sewanee’s Virginia Barry (C’18) made a shot on goal. Llewellyn saved it. W&L made three shots on goal towards the end of the second half, but Waters saved all three. The score was still zero-zero at the end of the second half. In overtime, Sewanee and W&L played six field players and a goalie. Thirty seconds into overtime, Waters saved W&L’s shot. Six minutes in, Tompkins made a shot, but it went wide. Ten minutes into overtime, Anderson assisted by Monica Bueso (C’18) scored to win the game 10. “My team communicated really well throughout the game,” said Waters.

Congratulations on your first win of the season!