Women’s soccer v. regional rival

By Lauren Patterson

Staff Writer

The Sewanee women’s soccer team season opener against regional rival Emory on Tuesday, September 1, was definitely worth watching. An early season test against the #5 ranked team in the country proves that the women’s soccer team does not back down from a challenge. They were ready to prove that the 40 defeat they suffered last year against Emory was not going to happen again. Freshmen players #18 Dayla LaRocque (C’19) and #16 Erin Gill (C’19) had the privilege of being starters for their team in their first college game. Emory had the first half kickoff, and once the up the intensity from earlier in the game. The Tigers game started, there was not a moment without action and entertainment. Eleven minutes into the first half Sewanee players, #2 Mary “Sissy” Franklin (C’18) and #25 Nikki Johnson (C’17), were both penalized for illegally tackling an Emory player within the Sewanee eighteen yard box. The call resulted in a 10 score in Emory’s favor. However, Sewanee kept the pace up and did not seem dejected about being down an early goal. Throughout the rest of the first half, Emory and Sewanee went back and forth with a few chances of scoring for Emory and great defense by Sewanee. After kicking off the second half, Sewanee kept had their best chance of the night to score off a fabulous header in the twelfth minute of the second half, but just missed the goal. Sewanee’s defense was solid throughout, with Emory getting called for being off sides multiple times. Also, let’s not forget about Sewanee’s amazing goal keeper #1 Olivia Glascoe (C’16) who kept the Tigers in the game. She pulled off multiple impressive saves, including one in the thirty-third minute of the first half and a huge multiple save streak in the forty-third minute of the second half.

Although they were unable to overcome an early goal and ended the game with a 10 loss, the Tigers played an excellent game.