Sewanee welcomes new themed houses onto campus

By Grayson Ruhl

Executive Staff

This year, Sewanee reapproved the Business, Green, Gender and Sexual Diversity, Sportsman, Wellness, Italian, Community Engagement, Emergency Medical Services, and Craft Houses. Furthermore, the PreHealth and Science and Writing and Verbal Communication Houses have been added to the list of Themed Housing arrangements, which will offer new opportunities for students across campus.

The PreHealth and Science House has a goal to help the general Sewanee community and provide support for students involved in science and Prehealth classes. This comprises a large amount of Sewanee students, and the members of this house will mentor and tutor any students in need of academic help in these fields of study. The PreHealth and Science House will also serve as a space for events such as CPR training, health awareness talks, improving physical health, and informational sessions. This semester, the house is planning a Research Presentation, a Bone Marrow Drive, a Senior PreMed Panel, a Nutritional Program, and a Summer Internship Program. As well as providing a common area for events and tutoring sessions, the house would provide much-needed tutoring for the biology department. The PreHealth and Science House aims to benefit the entire Sewanee community in many ways.The Writing and Verbal Communication House will also strive to benefit the entire Sewanee community in its efforts. The purpose of the Writing House is to increase the knowledge amongst the student body of the mechanics of good writing, to encourage an atmosphere conducive to literary thought, and to create a space of cross-disciplinary interaction and sharing of ideas through events and fostering of a comfortable space on campus. Amongst the student body, events would bring the material discussed in class outside of the rigorous academic environment and into a nonacademic setting. Workshops on resume building, thesis development, avoiding plagiarism, and other basics will strengthen the writing skills of students. Recreational events such as Rap Battles and Punoffs will offer exciting events as well. These two new houses have the potential to provide academic and creative outlets for students all across Sewanee.