A YikYak Thanksgiving and other Stories

By Joshua Colton Treadwell

Staff Writer

Sewanee students gave thanks on YikYak for being a Tiger before heading off for Thanksgiving break. Many yaks highlighted how appreciative students were for the kind people they have met at Sewanee, while others poked fun at the University’s well-known rival, Rhodes College. While many yaks expressed students’ desire to be nowhere else except for on the Domain, the following story illustrates how students were also thankful to head home and see their families.

Every Thanksgiving at my house, we have a tradition of bringing in friends and neighbors who (for whatever reason) cannot be with their families for Thanksgiving. One of our favorite family friends has come to our house for the past few years, and whenever she is at our house, we play card games. Our favorite card game is spoons. Most people are familiar with spoons, but at my house, the game takes on a new intensity. My siblings (in particular) get VERY involved in the game. This environment usually results in screaming, jumping, and a general sense of excitement. The table that we used to play the game is one that is special to our family. It is a mosaic coffee table that we constructed as a family one summer, using smashed floor tiles to form a design of three fish. As the game continued to grow in intensity, my brother and our family friend both reached for a spoon as fast as they could. Although our friend won the round, it was not without sacrifice. The jagged tile edges on the table had cut her hand.

Despite the injury, we continue to play spoons on this table because (as we now say), “it’s not really spoons until someone bleeds.”