Featured athlete: Cody Jones (C’19)


By Keenan Lo

Executive Staff

The Sewanee Purple’s freshman Athlete of the Week is Cody Jones. Jones, who plays for the Sewanee Men’s Basketball Team, has come into his own as of late with an average of 17.7 points in the last three games. This scoring was highlighted by a 26 point outburst in a January 22nd loss to Millsaps, where he shot a scorching 8 of 10 from beyond the arc.

When asked about his recent success, Jones said, “The credit goes first and foremost to God and then my teammates. My teammates put in the right position to get me open to score the ball, so the credit goes to them for my success.” When interviewed earlier in the season, Jones noted how different college games are from his experience in high school. Now, Jones believes he is becoming accustomed through experience, saying “As I’ve gotten to play more and more I’ve finally adjusted to the speed, mental, and athleticism of the game.”

The Tigers are off to a great start this year, as they are second in their conference and have an eye towards the postseason tournament. Before the team’s upset loss to Millsaps, they were undefeated in conference play, so this team has high hopes for the postseason.

Jones echoes these excited feelings, hoping for “our team to improve constantly each and every game and to reach our highest potential this season. In doing this I feel we can accomplish big things.”

As the Featured Athlete, Jones can enjoy some of the success he has earned this season, but not for long, as the postseason looms over the team. All stats and info, unless otherwise noted, are courtesy of sewaneetigers.com.