Simon Says: Your insight into what Boes knows

By Simon Boes

Executive Staff

Q: “I am a freshman girl and I am worried that my friends and I will rush different places. What can I do to stay friends with them?”

-Hard Times in Humphreys

A: College is a defining time. That being said, your freshman year friends may not be the friends you graduate with. It is hard to balance meeting so many new people with staying in touch with your old friends; especially if they live in a different dorm and you have no classes with them. If you think about the middle school and high school friends that you still keep in touch with, they all had an important part in helping you grow as a person. The people that help you grow as a person the most will be the ones you finish your college years with. Finally, let me say that the Greek organization that you affiliate yourself with does not define you. Initiate the catch-up conversations with your friends or invite them to lunch. If they do not reciprocate your offer after several times, you may want to find more people who help you develop and mature.

Q: “My roommate is a weirdo! We do not have anything in common and I hate confrontation. What can I do?”

-Clueless in Canon

A: The roommate form that you filled out is supposed to match you up with a good roommate for your living habits, so the choice was based off of that. As for confrontation, it is always better to talk about it then let it go unsaid. The more comfortable you both are the better! If you are still having trouble, ask your Assistant Proctors and Proctors for advice, as they have been trained in conflict resolution. I suggest having an informal chat with your roomie at Mc-Clurg and move on from there!