Simon Says: Your insight into what Boes knows

By Simon Boes

Executive Staff

Q: I am a rising sophomore and I want a good dorm for next year! How can I get it?

-Hopeful in Hoffman

A: First of all, try not to already think about next year. Our time at Sewanee is so valuable; try to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the rest of Easter semester. Looking ahead, I assume you would associate a “good dorm” with a dorm as close to central campus as possible. To increase your chances during room draw, it helps to receive your gown and stay gowned. This makes your room pick come before other non-gowned students in your class. Another option is to help the University and others and apply to become a Proctor. While dorms you may not consider “good” still need Proctors, I have heard from others it’s an invaluable experience. That said, they also need roommates, so find the applicants and ask to be their roommate. Good luck with room draw!

Q: I hate 12 o’clock McClurg. What are my other options at this time?

– Pensive in Philips

A: Most people are with you on this one. The crowded lines deny the swift service that students seek. However, nothing beats finding a friend and sitting down to discuss the latest news. If you’re not a socialite and do not like the swarming stations, there are a few other options on campus. The Pub is open weekdays at 11 o’clock, and while not having that Chef Rick flair, it’s great for a bite if you have places to be. Close to that is Stirlings, where I recommend the Outreach Turkey. Now that it is warming up, I plan on working my legs and taking a walk down to the Tavern with my pals and getting some tasty jackalope strips. There are options everywhere, but in my opinion, the five minute wait in McClurg is
often worth it.