Sewanee’s Super Bowl

Simon Boes

Executive Staff

The practice football field was packed with onlookers for Sewanee’s own Super Bowl on February 5th, 2017. Sources confirmed this year’s intramural final between the Alpha Tau Omega Ocelots and the Phi Gamma Delta Dolphins was perhaps the most exciting championship within recent years. After a semester of hardships for the Ocelots, including its star quarterback, Chad Strongsley, out because a cappella practice met at the same time as the game. Meanwhile the Dolphins had their own troubles: most of their fans were at a study session for the Econ exam, so the Ocelots had home field advantage.


Much like the less notable Super Bowl between the Patriots and Falcons, Sewanee’s Super Bowl was a heartbreaker. The Dolphins scored an early touchdown while the Ocelot’s safety got a FaceTime from his roommate asking if he could get the room from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.  The Dolphins continued to score after a 17 yard pass connection between seniors Martin Spencer Happs and McClellan Stibbles.


Sources confirmed that the ironic halftime show could have used some work as the a cappella group sang “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and “Consuela” by Belly. Admittedly, onlooker Sarah Nordstrom, a proud Ocelot supporter said, “I would have preferred Chad to have been on the field rather than have the solo, but I never knew he had such a great tenor voice.”


The drama was not over as the Ocelots staged a comeback in the third and fourth quarters. Dolphins, having, hydrated during halftime with Natural Light, due to having to attend formals later in the evening, began to lose coordination. Ocelot backup quarterback Michael DeRange made it into the end zone followed by a two-point conversion to his star receiver Josh Freeman. After a successful onside kick, the Ocelots had a chance to take the lead. With a final pass from Michael to Chad, as his a cappella commitment was finished, the Alpha Tau Omega Ocelots went ahead 15-14 as the time ran out.  


In a post game interview with the breakout star backup quarterback, Michael DeRange had to say to The Purple , “I’m happy to have made a difference with my team. I’d like to thank my peewee football team and my Stretch and Relax class that gave me the necessary preparation for my big moment.” Reportedly, the Snapchat geofilter that both teams bought for $100 each to garner more enthusiasm had been used six times.