Athlete of the Week: Meredith Sackett (C’19)


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By Richard Pryor III

Executive Staff

This spring, Sewanee has seen the attention of Tigers fans drawn to the hiring of two new head coaches for football and women’s basketball. But behind that lies one of Sewanee’s best teams this academic year: the Women’s Lacrosse team. With 11 wins and three losses, Sewanee is one of the best teams in the Southern Athletic Association (SAA), and much of that can be attributed to Meredith Sackett (C’19).

A sophomore from Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, Sackett currently leads the Tigers in goals, with 28. What’s even more amazing that she has done that over nine games out of the 14 the Tigers have played. Her goals per game average of 3.1 is at the level with the top scorers in the SAA. What is always amazing about Sackett is that she consistently plays on a high level, and challenges and inspires those on the field with her to do the same.

Sackett was ebullient and filled with praise for her teammates, noting that “The team’s dynamic is truly something special. Every single one of my teammates plays with such grit and enthusiasm, which only inspires me to play the same for the people next to me.” However, she credited lots of her success to her mother and her teammates, saying “Of course I would love to thank my mom for the under appreciated role of raising an athlete and always being my number one fan. Always cheering loud and proud, in the freezing rain and blazing hot summer sun, and in 3rd grade where the skill level was undoubtedly difficult to watch. Thanks for everything, Mom!! Also my teammates deserve most of the credit, without them I would not nearly laugh and smile as much as I do everyday at the pit.”

With two more years left, it is clear that the women’s lacrosse team is in good hands with Sackett at its head.