Why Pub is better than Stirlings.

By John Connors

Staff Writer

Friday Night: 11 pm. You’ve had a long night. You lost your shoe at ATO, your phone at KD, and your friends at SNU. Your night has been a living hell. You walk past the BC and you hear it calling your name. It’s The Tiger Bay Pub. You race down the stairs into the basement and when you see there is no line you cannot believe your eyes. Mrs. Margaret waves you in. You’re almost there. You go to the counter and you gaze over at the menu. You study it with purpose, with conviction. You finally make up your mind. Granger and Chicken Strips. While perhaps the greatest dynamic duo of all time is prepared, you find your seat and wait. You walk over to the Jukebox throw on Nickelback’s hit single “Photograph” and then, your name is called. You grab your food, return to your seat and feast.

Pub is the premiere dining option on campus. Whether it be for dinner, a late night snack, or early a.m. breakfast, Pub is there, no matter your appetite. Where else on campus can you use a jukebox, shoot some pool, watch TV, all while dining on something from their massive and super cheap menu. Pub offers the biggest bang for your buck. There is without a doubt no better place to wind down from your night of party hopping, studying, or even just hanging out.

The menu is suited for all of your needs. Whether you order a burger, a breakfast burrito, fries, mozz sticks, or my favorite: a granger and chicken strips, pub and their amazing employees will treat you right.

When in doubt, choose pub.