Why Stirling’s is better than Pub

By “Vlachos” Murphy

Contributing Writer

Need a quick bite to eat, or a pick me up after a long day? Stirling’s is the place for you, offering dozens of beverages, snacks, and full meals from early in the morning to late at night. Walk on in to find a barrage of options, giving you choices to find something fresh and tasty, and you are sure to be satisfied and not left feeling gross after an order of mozzarella sticks or a cinnamon roll. Although on the pricer side, Stirling’s is truly superior in all aspects when toe to toe with Pub. This superiority becomes apparent after a close look at a few key aspects: the patrons and the hours.

Stirling’s can become quite loud at points during the day, but nowhere near the wild west found at Pub on any given night past 10 pm. They are rowdy and take away from the dining, while the patrons of Stirling’s care about keeping a pleasant environment to enjoy a nice meal. Furthermore, Stirling’s has significantly more hours than pub.

Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Stirling’s is able to satisfy any craving or need whenever. To go or dine in, you will never have to worry about missing meals at McClurg or have to wait for pub to open, just head to Stirling’s and your hunger is no more. Additionally, Owen Dankworth (C‘20) points out that, “Their food selection tastes better, and has healthier options.” With all of the choices of drinks and meals and the pleasant atmosphere it is not difficult to see that Stirling’s is by far better than Pub in all of its facets.