Piggly Wiggly v. Sewanee Market


Photo courtesy of wikipedia.com

Sewanee Market: The One Stop Shop for all Your College Needs

By John “Flavortown” Connors

9:15 p.m. Wednesday. Broken, tired, and anxious. You have just spent four hours studying for your psych exam and plan on studying another four. McClurg is closed, you don’t want food from The Tiger Bay Pub, and you don’t want a coffee from Stirlings. You want one thing: snacks.

You call up your buddy Samuel Kern (C’19) and ask for a ride. You anxiously wait outside duPont, twiddling your thumbs and playing candy crush until you hear Kern’s car horn signal you to get in. You drive down University Avenue until you see the bright lights at the end of the road. You know that you have made it.

You see the Sewanee Market, standing in all of its glory, acting as a beacon of hope to cure your snacking urges.

*Ding* You walk in the door, wave to Harry, and begin your quest in aisle two for the best study-snacks. Pork rinds, Doritos, sunflower seeds, the list goes on. You can’t make up your mind. Until you find it: Chex Mix. You grab two bags and pay.
Now, armed with the grains of knowledge, you march back to your studies and ace your exam. Thanks, Sewanee Market.


The Piggly Wiggly: The One True Market

By Will “Vlachos” Murphty

It’s the week of finals, you’re out of pub bucks and hope, and all you have is one last Hail Mary, so you hop in your car with what little money you’ve saved and drive into Monteagle. Looking for sustenance, you’re lured in by the smiling pig and walk in.

What greets you is a bounty of food beautifully organized in aisles for your convenience. Perfectly lit and signed, with plenty of sales, deals, and seasonal items, a perilous question arises: what to get?

There are chips, a guaranteed pick up, but what else? Corndogs, seltzer, or maybe fresh produce? There are too many choices, too many delicious meals calling out to your rumbling stomach to decide on just one.

But you don’t have to; the affordability of the Pig makes it so that you’re set. Smiling with your week’s worth of meals, you push your full cart to the register, satisfied with your trip to this heavenly supermarket.You return to the battlefield of finals.