A list of things you have to do before cold weather hits Sewanee

Photo courtesy of the Chatanooga Times Free Press.

By Julianna Morgan
Staff Writer

Right now on the Mountain, we are enjoying the last few weeks of warm weather. In a short amount of time, fall will come, and that means temperatures will begin to drop. While Sewanee is beautiful in the colder seasons, especially with the leaves changing, there are some activities that require warm weather that you have to do before the next season is in full swing.

The first thing you must do is go hike on Fiery Gizzard Trail. This is a beautiful, scenic view not far from Sewanee’s main campus. While the trail itself is beautiful, there is also a swimming hole, which makes it even better. You can cool yourself and go for a swim during your hike; how fun is that?

The next essential is to visit Lake Dimmick. This destination is about 10 minutes from central campus. It has a nice deck to lay out on and hang with friends, not to mention a huge lake to go swimming in and cool off from the warm weather.

Sewanee also has a lot of rock climbing locations around the Domain. If you are unsure how to rock climb, the Sewanee Outing Program (SOP) office has people who can teach you how to rock climb. They also have gear you can take out for your rock climbing adventure.

Finally, the last activity that is better in warmer weather is to bike around Sewanee and the trails. Biking is great exercise and a wonderful way to see the most of Sewanee’s views. There are several paths that run all around the Mountain so you can see different views of the plateau. Biking around main campus is another wonderful scenic view. While you can still bike in the winter, it’s a little easier and enjoyable with summer weather.

Sewanee has so many amazing things to offer no matter what the season. These activities are more enjoyable in the warmer weather and allow you to see all of the different areas of Sewanee’s Domain. While it’s still warm outside, enjoy the  good views, nice weather, fresh air, and a little exercise, all while having fun!