Emmanuel Loto hopes to use his computer science major to outsource jobs in Africa

Emmanuel Loto in the computer science lab. Photo by Mandy Moe Pwint Tu (C’21).

By Yousra Hussain
Staff Writer

In an evolving age of technology, one would think that would be the reason why Emmanuel Loto (C’19) chose to pursue his major. Yet when he was asked why he decided to pursue this field, he replied with a smile, “World domination.”

Ever since he stepped foot on campus four years ago from Nigeria, Loto knew that he was destined to study computer science. With a knack for graphic design and an aspiration to master animation, he set out to excel and soon enough proudly declared it his major.

“I’m going to do this because I enjoy it but also because it’s super relevant,” he adds. Soon, he realized how versatile the subject really was.

“It’s a great subject to take,” he says, “because you get to create your own projects like animation and graphics designing for free.” Although tedious to some, he enjoys devoting hours to a project and then slowly watch it come to life. The versatility of applying what was learned and nurturing creativity in the process is why choosing computer science was a given for Loto.

His love for the subject was only heightened by being mentored by Dr. Lucia Dale, a professor of computer science at the University. Serving as an advisor and teacher, she helped him hone skills and introduced him to the myriad of branches that computer science entails such as data networking and programming.

He conducted several independent study programs including his most recent one of data science and data analytics. He mentions that because the computer science department is a small one, he had the opportunity to explore the field in-depth.

With a sunny smile and a tireless work ethic, Loto is renowned throughout the campus for his amicable persona. Beneath the surface, an unadulterated drive and passion rests with dreams and aspirations.

“I want my own business back home that outsources jobs to African countries,” he beamed. To him, this major wasn’t just about pursuing a subject that he enjoyed. It was about shaping his dreams, to prove to himself and his family of what he is capable of. With a boisterous personality comes a multitude of dreams ranging from starting his own business and pursuing a masters.

When asked what advice he could offer to those interested, he noted “this major has taught me the value of patience and having a cool head.”

“It’s like an adventure where you type something in, you run it and it works,” he continues. To him, this field of study allowed him to be himself and he hopes the same happens to all the “brave souls” who decide to pursue the subject.