Pilates Studio to be built in Downtown Sewanee

Proposed sketch from Sewanee Village Implementation Plan. Photo courtesy of sewanee.edu.

By Oliver Heffron
Staff Writer

A fully functioning pilates studio will be built in Downtown Sewanee by Fall of 2019. Kim Butters, Sewanee’s prominent pilates instructor, is optimistic her new studio will be fully operational by the the upcoming semester. Located across the street from the post office, the brand new building will contain two pilates studios, a yoga studio, and even a massage room. According to Frank Gladu, Special Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor, this will be the first new building built in downtown Sewanee on University Avenue since the Regions bank built around 30 years ago.

Butters has been instructing pilates for over 11 years from her rented studio space located in the Fowler Center. She previously instructed pilates in Chattanooga at the Barking Legs Theater, and later at Pilates Tonic.

Butters is passionate about pilates. She believes, “This is a talent God has blessed me with,” and she loves sharing this passion with her students.

She teaches both private classes for local residents and students, who can earn their physical education credit in her class. In her current studio space in the Fowler Center, Butters can only teach during the day and has limited space for her equipment. She is excited about her the ability to conduct evening classes, “With so many of my students working or taking classes during school hours, evening classes will be much more convenient for them.”

With the new studio, she will offer evening courses and utilize her full arsenal of pilates equipment, which entails three reformers, two cadillacs, three wunda chairs, and three barrels. One studio will be dedicated to equipment based pilates, and the other solely for mat-based pilates. This will allow for a greater variety of classes to be taught.

Pilates is an increasingly popular fitness routine due to its focus on not only the improvement of strength, but also flexibility, posture, and mental clarity. The new studio, along with the renovated University Wellness Center, reflects Sewanee’s commitment to improving the health of its students and community. Alleviating stress is integral to managing collegiate life and finding a compatible fitness routine can be a challenge.

Advocating for the healthful benefits of pilates, Butters invites the Sewanee community try pilates, as she puts it, “I want to help as many people as I can.”  The new studio will allow Sewanee students and residents to explore the rewarding world of pilates for themselves, and strengthen their cores!

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