Two Chicks Eatin’: Dixie Lee Diner

By Sarah Cordell and Morgan Jennings
Staff Writers

Giddy up and get ready for a wild review. This week, Two Chicks ventured to a small dive in Monteagle, Dixie Lee Diner, located between Jessie’s Grill and Wendy’s. While the place may not look like much from the outside, upon entering the building you will experience a blast from the past. 

This joint is a true vintage diner teeming with retro decor. The ceiling is pressed metal and the tables are adorned with chrome. The booths are a retro red and  Coca-Cola decor is everywhere— literally everywhere. This was a good sign for Sarah, who is a connoisseur of Coke.

When we sat down, it took a while for a server to approach us, but when she did, she was friendly and attentive. Morgan was flattered when the waitress noted it was National Redhead’s Day and gave a warm congratulations for having unique hair. The menu included typical all-American cuisine from burgers to ribs to loaded baked potatoes. It also featured “Old Fashioned Milkshakes and Sodas” with cherry and vanilla flavor drink add-ons. The prices were inexpensive, which is great for college kids with limited funds.

After much deliberation, we placed our orders. We both chose one of the dinner specials which included a side salad or cole-slaw, a roll, and a choice of baked potato, french fries, or onion rings. Morgan chose the “smothered chicken” with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and swiss cheese on top, paired with a loaded baked potato and a salad on the side for a total of $9.95. Sarah opted for the pulled pork with a house salad and onion rings for a grand total of $7.95. The food was out very promptly, so props to the staff for efficiency and speed. 

However, the food itself left more to be desired. The pulled pork was good and the serving was large, but the little sauce that was on the meat was not great. Having pork with no sauce was not an option. The “rolls” were actually small half loaves of bread and were somehow greasy. Morgan’s baked potato was undercooked at the bottom. 

The smothered chicken and its fresh veggie toppings were delicious, if you overlook the pool of oil the chicken was sitting in. Both of our side salads were watery and the lettuce was a touch brown. The star of the meal were Sarah’s onion rings which were evenly breaded and extra crispy, having none leftover by the end of the evening. 

We have heard positive things about Dixie Lee’s breakfast, served daily until 11a.m., so maybe one day, we’ll make our way there again and try their coveted biscuits and gravy. We think the most impressive thing to come out of this dining experience was that Sarah was able to eat her entire meal without taking any Lactaid®. This is a great feat in our eyes.

This week’s Clurg hack comes to us from longtime-fan, first-time hacker Molly Morgan (C’22). She suggests getting some cilantro and lime from the sum line toppings bar and adding it to plain rice. Witnesses say it rivals Chipotle’s™ cilantro-lime rice! 

This is a great side for any homemade quesadilla freshly toasted in the panini press with chicken, beef, or sauteed vegetables from the sum line in a wrap from the deli with whatever toppings your heart desires. We recommend adding shredded cheese for its melty goodness and a side waffle cup of sour cream to really set the whole meal off. 

As we enter into colder days, we are reminded of the things that make us feel warm and fuzzy. What better way to celebrate the warmth of friendships forged here than sharing a Thanksgiving table at the time-honored Thanksgiving family-style dinner at McClurg on November 21 from 6-8 p.m., complete with carved turkey and all of our favorite seasonal sides.  Just email to reserve your table today!

This holiday season, we are thankful and grateful for those who produce and prepare the foods we eat daily, and for readers like you. Thank you! To suggest Clurg hacks or future reviews, send suggestions to and or follow us on instagram @twochickseatin. And remember, “Eatin’ speaks louder than words!