Halloweentown: A Must-See

Sydney Wray
Contributing Writer

It’s the time of year when the changing leaves fall to the ground, their orange and yellow swirls littering the sidewalks of the Quad, Stirlings, and paths leading to Gailor, Spencer, and DuPont. It’s when pumpkins become garnishes outside of doors and aside beds, their very display epitomizing the fall season of Chai lattes, Pumpkin-Spice lattes, and more lattes that any girl could wrap her hands around and call herself festive. The temperature drops to a crisp level, forcing students to snuggle into sweaters, grab a steaming cup of apple cider, find a friend, and snuggle into bed with a composed list of Halloween movies.

But what to choose? If you’re wondering the same thing, you’ve come to the right place. Not everyone is in the mood to have nightmares, so if you’re craving feelings of cozy, childhood nostalgia, then Halloweentown should be at the top of that list. Marnie Piper is not only the coolest witch around town, but also the most classic Disney channel character that graced us all with her presence once a year during Disney’s “Monstober” movie marathons. This 1998 film showcases all of what Halloween has to offer: talking skeletons, ghosts, warlocks, werewolves, trolls, gremlins, and for the special inclusion of the audience members, humans.

Halloweentown has the perfect plot summary: from a supernatural Grandma, played by the iconic Debbie Reynolds, who makes potions and rides on broomsticks, to an evil presence that takes over the charming Halloween-themed town. It is up to Marnie, our sassy thirteen year old protagonist, to save her family, Halloween, and all the supernatural friends she’s met along the way. This movie encompasses the perfect mix of comedy, drama, and just the right amount of spookiness your life has been missing. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be a witch in a town of fellow supernaturals, and craved adventure centered in the spirit of this favorite October holiday, then Halloweentown is for you. If you’re like me, then we all wanted to be a witch like Marnie. Why not channel your childhood self and momentarily teleport back in time? If you haven’t seen this great movie, then stop what you’re doing, cancel all plans, grab some cider, and watch what you’ve been missing.